Our Production

ParrishLA proudly partners with factories which align with our brand values.

Zhejiang Spring Air is a factory located in the Hangzhou region in China, known historically for its production of fine silks, luxurious fabrics and delicate yarns. This beautiful city is home to the stunning West Lake which is located in the center of Hangzhou. Spring Air operates as a vertical cashmere factory, meaning they purchase the fibers used to make cashmere directly from the shearers in Mongolia. They spin and dye the cashmere in-house along with manufacturing the garments, which all helps to reduce waste and lower costs. This allows ParrishLA to offer luxury garments at an approachable price. ParrishLA is honored to work with true cashmere experts on producing high-quality garments for our valued customers. 

We also proudly partner with Changzhou China Creation, an expert family-owned and operated factory run by a powerful mother and daughter team. Crystal runs the factory which is owned by her mother, who goes by Mama. Mama began as a worker in the factory, and after years of dedicated hard work, she eventually purchased the factory itself from the government. This driven duo have made a huge impact in their region, and Mama has been recognized as one of the most influential women in the industry. One of ParrishLA’s founding principles is an emphasis on family, and working with this family run factory has only deepened our connection to our values and our process. 

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