Caring for Cashmere

Cashmere is a beautiful yet delicate fabric that can be tricky to care for. The soft wool is prone to pilling as it rubs against other materials throughout the day, and if not stored properly it can fall victim to hungry moths. We strongly encourage you to use your cashmere care set which is included in your first cashmere purchase. The cashmere care set comes with two cedar balls and a cashmere comb 

Our cashmere comb is designed to safely remove pilling and lint from your ParrishLA sweaters. To use the cashmere comb, lay your garment flat on a clean, stable surface. Gently glide the comb in one direction over the pilled area, and clean any residue from the mesh once build-up begins to show. 

Cedar balls are an effective tool for naturally preventing moths or pests from finding your cashmere sweaters, and for keeping your knitwear  drawer smelling fresh. 

Speaking of sweater drawers, your cashmere sweaters should always be folded, not hung, and stored in a cool, dry place. Following these few small steps will make your cashmere go a long way, so you can wrap up in your favorite ParrishLA sweater for years to come!

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