About Us

ParrishLA is a Los Angeles based knitwear brand for both women and men, founded by Lauren Parrish Walker. 

Originally conceptualized as a single capsule collection, ParrishLA was created as an homage to Lauren’s mother Dale; a guiding force to whom Lauren credits her deep appreciation for family– its comforts, its challenges, and the perfect imperfections of pure love.

Wearing your Parrish is an experience of the senses. Our sweaters truly embrace the wearer– reflecting the care and love knit from every fiber. Our soft, high-quality yarns and fabrics represent warmth, mirroring the familiarity and comforts of home. And our signature red thread, delicately sewn into the back of each piece, is a reminder of those comforts, the ties to family, and how we are always connected.

These values carried Parrish’s capsule collection forward, and what began as a passion project proved successful. Thus ParrishLA became what it is today– an ever growing, ever expanding offering from a woman who inspires those like her; those who lead their lives with passion and openness; who are independent and fueled by their connections; and those who, above all, stay true to themselves.

Of course, ever present in the brand is its original inspiration; Lauren’s mother Dale who passed from breast cancer seven years ago. For this reason, ParrishLA partners with BCRF on our collections, and Breast Cancer Research remains an integral value at the heart of our brand.

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