Threaded through my life is the STORY of my FAMILY of origin in a small North East town that I remember, mostly during the cold WINTER months, in our car, with the windows open just a crack to feel the cold air on my face, JAZZ coming from the radio and my dad behind the wheel.

My design ethos EMBODIES how I perceive comfort, the TEXTURE of my life's memories, both wild and sweet. The sensuality of my musings, missteps and my WILLINGNESS to rise after each fall.

It is in my DNA to share my love of clothing and fashion.... I got it from my mother, Dale.

My mother wasn't always easy. We didn't always see eye to eye, but, she was always my first, my TOUCHSTONE, my comfort. Her LOVE was fierce. As was her impeccable style and her PASSION. She had a multitude of mysteries and I still learn from her, every day…how to be more TRUE to myself.

These SWEATERS are inspired from more than where I come from, or the distinct and STRONG personalities that shaped me. It's my CREATIVE expression of love, imperfect but strong; tumultuous but abiding.

An acknowledgement that life isn't always easy, but what we WRAP around us, can always be.

To SURROUND others in sweaters that create a CONNECTION to their own warmth, CONFIDENCE, or willingness to let go and simply be, is my creative self-expression and a way to SHARE my love for my FAMILY & what THEY gave me.

I am LAUREN PARRISH WALKER. This is my passion and my gift to the world.

This is ParrishLA.