The Story of the Red Thread

With family at the core of ParrishLA, we strive for you to feel the same comfort and familiarity that family provides in our sweaters. Woven into our sweaters is a cashmere strand of red thread. This signature serves to remind us of the woven relationships of family that are always present. It represents the unity and togetherness we all yearn for and reminds us of our loved ones who are with us even when they can’t be. Family is both the inspiration and essence of ParrishLA. Our mission is to mimic the comfortable embrace of family in our sweaters.

These collections are Lauren Parrish Walker's creative expression of love in physical fashion form. A way to keep the warmth of your loved ones close as you travel outside the nest. You’ll soon come to question how you ever lived without these sweaters in constant rotation. As we continue on our own paths, we pay homage to where we came from with a subtle yet unwavering reminder of our family's presence with the red thread.

For Lauren, family was the initial inspiration for the brand and continues to be the spirit behind its mission. ParrishLA is known for its sense of elevated elegance while maintaining a cool-girl, effortlessly chic feel. Set apart by our unmatched sense of soul and attention to detail, these timeless pieces are now part of your forever closet and everyday go-to’s. We’ll hold up our end of the deal and continue creating comforting garments you’ll wear for years and seasons to come, as long as you keep making them look so effortlessly good!